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This picture is of the Gateway to Heaven. This photo occurred on May 27, 2011 at 7:22 AM, and the camera is facing directly west. The sunrise is directly behind the camera. While gazing at this picture I closed my eyes, the Gateway faded away but then re-appeared. A pair of horizontal lines appeared within the opening and the lines then changed to vertical, and then the vertical lines faded away and a radiant white image of the Blessed Mother appeared in the opening. It was at that point I realized the Blessed Mother would appear here in the near future. On September 15th of 2011 she did appear to me in the sky, she appeared exactly as she did in my vision within the entrance of the Gateway. You can view the pictures of that event by clicking on the Blessed Mother button located on the homepage of this website. The button is on the left side of the screen. There has never been anything like these pictures in the history of mankind, this is an unbelievable picture which is allowed only with the permission of the Father.