साइट पर वापस
This picture occurred a short time later than the previous one, and once again the reflection off the glass reveals a much more detailed and vivid account of the same face. The windows on the machine tilt in slightly giving a double image of the face, and it is clearly the same face as the previous picture. This picture occurs only a few feet from where the previous one did, and I believe that it is sent as a reminder. God has afforded all mankind free will and the freedom of choice. It is left up to us whether we decide to believe, or turn our back on the teachings of Jesus. This sequence of pictures show us the rewards (The Gateway), and the consequences (The Darkness) and the horrible face who awaits the unfaithful. I am the one driving the machine, and when I found this picture it troubled me for a bit because I did not understand its meaning. I shared this picture with one of my co-workers, and after we discussed it I spent a few minutes viewing some of the other pictures, and still confused I returned to this picture to find a large cross placed over my body. This is not the first time that a picture has changed, and the first thing my co-worker stated was that there was no cross there before. As always, I am left in total Awe.