Miracles of Heaven
Miracles Of Heaven
"Если кто хочет идти за Мною, отвергнись себя и возьми
крест свой и следуй за Мною. Ибо кто хочет душу свою сберечь
тот потеряет ее, а кто потеряет душу свою ради Меня и
Евангелия, тот сбережет ее.

Ибо какая польза человеку, если он приобретет весь мир
а душе своей повредит? "
(Марк 8.34-36)

Эта цитата Иисус подвел итоги своего сообщения просто
в силу своего закрытия фразу, которая получает цитируется по
любых обстоятельствах, в которых кто-то
торговали их собственной человечности и ценностей
чтобы получить что-то только
временного стоит и

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Cross Of The Passion

The "Cross of the Passion" has been created to bring Glory to God, and also that all mankind may come to know the truth about the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. The "Cross of the Passion" has been taken from the Shroud of Turin, which many believe to be the burial cloth in which Jesus was wrapped in. The Shroud left an incredible amount of detailed information about the crucified man which it wrapped. Through the best forensics available we now know that this individual was 5'10" tall and weighted about 170 lbs. The wounds showed that he was both scourged and crucified. He also had wounds on his head that showed he had worn a crown of thorns, and he had a spear mark on his right side which penetrated below his ribs and angled up into his heart area. We also learned from the amount of blood on the Shroud that he had lost over 40% of his blood by the time he was tied to his Cross. The marks on the Shroud show rope burns on his shoulder area where he was tied to the cross member, and the Apostle John wrote that he went off carrying his cross. We know that John was there, so it is assumed with good reason that Jesus actually carried his Cross and not just the Cross member. We also know how he was positioned on the Cross, this is possible because of how the angle of blood ran down his arms. Every detail on this re-creation is as accurate as possible. The position of our Lord on the "Cross of the Passion" duplicates how he actually looked. The crown of thorns on his head are made from the quandl bush from Jerusalem, and the double headed crucifixion nails were pounded out by a blacksmith and are accurate in every detail with the nails used in the first century cricifixions. The Title of the Cross which hangs above his head has been researched and is made of a 1" walnut board, which is native to Jerusalem. The wording is written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin and reads "Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews", and all three languages are written from right to left which would suggest that a Jew had inscribed the board since only Hebrew is written in reverse to all other languages. The Hebrew wording on the Title reads "Yeshua the Nazarene King of the Jews", because the Jews did not call him Jesus but Yeshua. Every drop of blood on his body has been duplicated as closely as possible as to how it appears on the Shroud. He was scourged using a three corded whip with two steel balls per cord, so every lashing produced a total of six wounds. Roman law was suppose to be a maximum of 40 lashes, but the wounds are so heavy and gruesome that the amount of wounds literally make them impossible to count. Jesus was actually beaten to death, and it would be hard to believe that he would had survived even if he had not been crucified. Our God, Our Heavenly Father sent his only Son knowing all that would happen to him out of Love for all of us. Our Lord offered his life and submitted himself to a horrible and ruthless beating and torture so we may all have our own chance to gain eternal life and happiness in Heaven. My God, thanks and Praise and Glory and Honor be yours forever and ever without end.


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End Of Times
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