Miracles of Heaven
Miracles Of Heaven
"إذا أراد أحد أن يأتي ورائي فلينكر نفسه واتخاذ
يحمل صليبه ويتبعني. لمن من شأنه أن ينقذ حياته
سوف تخسر ، ولكن من يفقد حياته من أجلي و
سوف الانجيل حفظه.

لماذا ربح رجل ربح العالم كله
ويفقد حياته؟ "
(مارك 8،34-36)

هذا الاقتباس من قبل السيد المسيح يلخص رسالته ببساطة عن طريق
فضل العبارة الختامية ، التي استشهد ليحصل
في أي ظرف من الظروف التي كان شخص ما قد
تداول إنسانيتهم ​​والقيم
للحصول على شيء سوى
المؤقتة وقيمتها

تفسير صور
Shrine Miracles
ملك الصور
Cross of the Passion
صورة يسوع
يسوع قام
الأم المباركة
على بوابة السماء
نهاية تايمز الصور
صور جميلة ، الخرز
صور -- العيوب
لماذا نصلي الوردية؟
قوله المسبحه
الصلوات اليومية
اترك التعليق


Up to this point we have been blessed with a very large amount of Divine Miracles in the form of digital photographs. They range from the Angel to the Aura's, Jesus on the cross, the End Times photo, the Gateway to Heaven photo, Jesus resurrected photo, the appearance of our Blessed Mother in the sky photos, Jesus appearing on Easter morning and a host of many others of extreme importance. This picture you are about to view is perhaps the most unbelievable of all. In this picture the Divine light encompasses the top of the Shrine engulfing the Blessed Mother, and out of the white light protrudes what appears to be a Gene Map. This is the first picture which will intrigue and engage the science community into action. If this is indeed a Gene (Genome) map, then the first question would have to be who does it belong to? I believe that it belongs to Jesus, and I also believe that if DNA were to be extracted from the Shroud of Turin, or from the consecrated host which turned to flesh in Lanciano Italy around the year 700, and if a gene map were created from those two samples that they would be an exact match with the picture you are about to view. Science will prove without any margin of error that the one who died on the cross (JESUS), is one in the same with the flesh and blood from Lanciano. This is extremely significant because at the last supper (the first Holy Communion) Jesus promised his Apostles that he would be present in the Eucharist. This happens at the time when a Catholic Priest Consecrates the host, it is at this time in which the host becomes the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. During the Miracle at Lanciano not only the consecrated host turned to flesh, but the wine also turned to blood. Science has already confirmed other miracles such as this, like the Miracle at Buenos Aires in 1996 in which a consecrated host turned to blood. The host was placed in water and left in the tabernacle for three years before being tested, and a team of scientists concluded that the sample was from a heart that was alive at the time in which it was taken. Our Lord continues to reach out to us through many wonders and signs, yet the majority refuse to accept these wonderful blessings. I give thanks and praise and glory and honor to my Lord and my God, my Heavenly Father. I continue to pray for the lost souls that they may find their way back home to the Father through his Son Jesus Christ. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


End Of Times
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