Miracles of Heaven
Miracles Of Heaven
"Если кто хочет идти за Мною, отвергнись себя и возьми
крест свой и следуй за Мною. Ибо кто хочет душу свою сберечь
тот потеряет ее, а кто потеряет душу свою ради Меня и
Евангелия, тот сбережет ее.

Ибо какая польза человеку, если он приобретет весь мир
а душе своей повредит? "
(Марк 8.34-36)

Эта цитата Иисус подвел итоги своего сообщения просто
в силу своего закрытия фразу, которая получает цитируется по
любых обстоятельствах, в которых кто-то
торговали их собственной человечности и ценностей
чтобы получить что-то только
временного стоит и

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The Story

This is a picture of the Shrine. The Shrine is a culmination of over 2 years of pictures which all led us to this point. The Aura's which occurred at this spot over 2 years ago in 2010 were the first significant photo's. The Gateway to Heaven picture occurred the following spring in May of 2011 here, followed by the Agony in the Garden photo a month later. It was at that time a face developed under one of the Aura's, and along with my vision of the Blessed Mother appearing at this spot I understood that I was to pray directly behind the face and facing the Gateway at this very location. The Blessed Mother then appeared in the sky here on September 15, 2011 as I prayed a Rosary. In the Spring of 2012 my Son and I placed a small plastic statue at this spot fastened to a wooden 4x4, and we placed it at the proper height so that when I would kneel and pray my Rosaries that the little Statue of the Blessed Mother would appear in the same spot as she did on Sept. 15th. On Easter Morning of 2012 the little statue of the Blessed Mother changed to Jesus as I knelt and prayed my Rosary, and as I realized that it was Jesus I took my small digital work camera from my pocket and snapped a picture. The picture shows Jesus, and he is wearing a white Kippah. The white color signifies that he is the highest, and you can clearly see his face. I understood that I was to build a Shrine at this spot, and that it was to be built in the shape of a triangle. One bucketful at a time I hauled the 15 ton of stone the half mile into the valley with a small loader, and I hand laid the stone into the shape of a pyramid. I then mixed mortar and tuck pointed all of the holes on the outside to make it permanent. After the appearance of Jesus on Easter morning the cameras began to capture photos of various faces which would appear on the little statue which tops the Shrine. Two of the pictures you will view are in flesh tones, and one is of Jesus and the other is of the Blessed Mother. The others that you will be viewing are faces of Saints, very powerful Saints. I often wonder what mighty deeds these Saints must have performed in the name of Jesus to earn such an honor. The following pictures are all of the Shrine, and the first one shows it as it is in all of the pictures, but as you will see the Divine Light completely engulfs the Shrine in most of the pictures. This is such a very, very holy spot. It is my deepest wishes that any of you who wish to experience praying at this spot will have a chance to witness the experience for yourselves. It will change your lives forever.
End Of Times
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